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The Godalming Homeopathics website has been taken offline pending the conclusion of talks between the Advertising Standards Agency and our professional body, the Society of Homeopaths. The Society hopes to reach agreement with the ASA as to how homeopaths may advertise their services and comply with the Code of Advertising Practice guidelines.

Currently the Advertising Standards Agency are taking a view, based on the findings of a report by the Science and Technology Committee that the UK government rejected, that there is no reliable evidence to support the view that homeopathy works. This report never intended to be a scientific study and has never been held as such by anyone other than the ASA.

The Advertising Standards Agency will not currently permit homeopaths to publish evidence for homeopathy on websites and allow the public to decide for themselves. They have instructed us to remove from our website "any claims, directly or indirectly, that homeopathy or homeopathic products can diagnose/ help/ treat health conditions", which includes links to reputable studies, such as published randomised double-blind placebo controlled trials that show a positive outcome for homeopathy.

The ASA has threatened us with adjudication if we do not comply with their instruction and, contrary to their standard practice, have made it clear that they are not willing to consider evidence in support of any claims we make. We have therefore, regrettably, elected to take our website offline until we can be reliably advised how to advertise our services truthfully and responsibly, while ensuring we comply fully with the advertising code.

Please contact us directly for more information on homeopathy and the service we provide.

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